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Our Value Proposition

Small business owners face dynamic obstacles to funding growth prospects. Taking advantage of these opportunities is often a challenge, with limited funds on hand. Whether it’s to buy additional supplies to accommodate a new job order, stock more inventory, or perhaps you’re faced with an unanticipated liability, access to capital can often mean the difference between success and failure. At Plus Funding, our goal is to guide you through these situations with our invoice factoring facilities by converting your receivables into ready capital without undue delay.

Our operating philosopy is simple; By establishing a receivables factoring facility with us, you have access to our:

Operational efficiency

As opposed to being bogged down by the mundane task of accounts receivable management, why not focus all your efforts on the thing that matters most – your business. Our process is open and transparent and is designed for you to leverage our platform. Whether it’s cash management or reporting, we have the operating platform that can drive increase efficiencies.

Credit investigation services

Take on a new customer? Need to perform due diligence on their credit worthiness? Partnering with us, gives you access to the tools and background data you need to make intelligent business decisions and carefully assess risk.

Consulting services

We have access to a whole suite of business capital solutions that we can advise you on. Draw upon our financial expertise on an entire spectrum of alternative financing options, ranging from equipment lease financing to commercial real estate.

No layers of bureaucracy with deal with. Underwriting and operations are both handled personally by the managers themselves – no frustrating calls with outsourced phone reps who know nothing about your unique situation. 24/7, on demand reporting.

Plus Funding : Quick, efficient, and professional. Fill out an application online today to see how we can help without any obligation.