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Five Tips to Getting a Government Grant

August 15, 2013

A free government grant may sound like a dream come true. You apply. You get money. You don’t have to pay it back. Unfortunately, government grants are difficult to obtain and generally have stringent application requirements. They are out there though, and for those businesses that meet the specific needs of the agency awarding a …

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Are You Managing Your Cash Flow Effectively?

July 2, 2013

Healthy cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Too often, small businesses find themselves so cash-strapped that interferes with their growth as well as day-to-day operations. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your cash flow management. Here are five strategies to help you manage cash effectively: 1) Keep Track The first …

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Five Ways to Improve the Way You Manage Your Business Finances

June 3, 2013

Here’s a scary thought: 2013 is almost half over. Have you kept your New Year’s Resolutions for getting your financial house in order? Is it time for a tune-up? As we head into the summer, here are five ways you can improve the way you manage your business finances. 1) Manage Your Cash Flow As …

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How is Your Small Business Affected by the Sequester?

May 1, 2013

The word of the year for 2013 is “sequester” (or the more formal and ominous-sounding “sequestration”).   As you have probably learned, the sequester is the term being used for the mandatory automatic federal budget cuts that took effect as of March 1, 2013. The sequester calls for $85 billion in federal spending cuts to defense …

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Purchase Order Financing Helps Firms Gain Essential Funding Earlier In The Manufacturing Process

April 9, 2013

Middle market companies that access traditional bank financing often must give up equity in order to gain working capital. As this is not very palatable, there are a few options beyond plain vanilla. In earlier posts we have explored Accounts Receivables financing, but keep in mind there is a second option, namely Purchase Order financing, …

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Get Cracking on 2013: Factoring Possibilities with an Existing Lien Holder in Place

January 2, 2013

As the New Year kicks off, small business owners that are pulling out of a tough 2012 become re-energized to make 2013 their best year ever. Is this you? Are you planning for growth and starting with optimism? Among your alternative scenarios for 2013 — staying steady, growing moderately, or aggressively building out the business …

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When Speed Is The Single Thread That Ties It Together

November 20, 2012

As a culture, we are focused on velocity. So as I read an article on the founder of a start-up named Aaron Levie, a 27 year old whose m.o. was all about speed, one quote jumped out at me from Inc magazine. “We’ve focused the culture on velocity and how much we can get done …

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The Common Ground Between a Diving Competition and a Fiscal Cliff

November 20, 2012

I recall sitting cross-legged on the bed in a hotel room in Pennsylvania over the summer of 1988, watching the diving competition between Greg Louganis and other contenders for the Olympic gold. We all expected a gorgeous double back combination dive, and were never disappointed. It was the epitomy of optimism to be watching that …

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Digital Products For An Efficient Business

October 18, 2012

Sometimes there is an overdose of bravado behind the curtain. On the other hand, some players simply know (in the way that Malcolm Gladwell describes knowing), that how they conduct business is simply more efficient. To summarize what Gladwell explained in his book Blink, there is an art to being able to filter the very …

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Have a 6 Minute Epiphany Using This Weekly Tool

October 16, 2012

Yes, we get it. Your office is busy, busy, busy. Time is fleeting, and there are customers to service, compliance issues to check off and new prospects to canvass. Looking beyond the frenzied activity that is indeed necessary, it is not sufficient. We grant you that the crucible of business is that work exceeds the …

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