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In true spirit of partnership, we work with small and medium sized businesses to help them solve their financial problems and raise capital. If you are looking for capital and are finding it tough because of your credit history, time in business or because of tight credit standards prevailing today, talk to us. Through our network of industry contacts, we have access to multiple alternative financing options that might be right for your business.We follow-up a 4-step process to help solve your problems

  1. Assessment
  2. We will take a look at your business from a financial point of view. We will listen to you and not just look at numbers. We identify your financing requirements – whether they maybe for long-term capital or immediate cashflow.

  3. Planning
  4. Of the various financing options available to us, we pick the ones that best fit your particular situation. We might pick multiple options that may serve your different needs.

  5. Implementation
  6. We help you get the financing. We use our contacts in the financial world to secure funding for you and hand-hold you through the process.

  7. Follow-up
  8. After you have the financing in place, we keep in contact and make sure that you are seeing desired results. Also, as your business expands and your financing needs change, we re-evaluate and go through the cycle again.

    And for all our services, what does it cost you? Most times – NOTHING. We get compensated by the lenders we work with.

    Beware of consultants that charge upfront fees and deposits to help you get financing. We have seen multiple cases of these deals going bad once the fees/deposits have been paid.