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Investment Criteria

Target Client

  • Annual revenue $4-20M
  • B2B companies that receive its revenues from delayed-payment receivables, not immediately (i.e., credit card charges against sales)
  • Industries: Generalist. Examples: Government contracting, IT Services , Manufacturing, Importers and Wholesalers, Energy efficiency services and goods, etc… Will consider construction, no trucking.
  • Ineligible or rejected for a bank funding.
  • Prefer a company that’s been in business and has some kind of track record (though cash flow negative companies can be acceptable to us).
  • Will fund a startup company but the background of the founders/managers is important.

Debt Facilities

  • Depending upon the situation, can be structured as broader asset-based loan or receivables factoring.
  • Provide facilities from $100,000 a month of receivables factoring to a $20 million broad-based collateral package ABL loan.
  • Factoring facility size: $100K-5M in outstanding receivables.
  • Purchase order finance typically provided as an over-advance on a factoring line but can do alone in asset-rich situations.
  • Work-in-process (WIP) lending
  • Can also provide inventory and property, plant and equipment and owner-occupied real estate financing as part of an overall facility.
  • We DO NOT provide equity financing but will take an equity return as part of a debt facility to permit lower debt pricing.