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Why Plus Funding?

The strength of your partnership with Plus Funding relies, ultimately, on the strength of Plus Funding’s financial position. Many factoring firms and other specialty finance firms are thinly capitalized and rely heavily on leverage, borrowed funds, for their ability to service your needs. The risk with this arrangement is that if they have problem with other clients or with their lender, they often do not have the financial cushion to be able to continue to help you, and this can disrupt your business.

Plus Funding’s ownership structure provides the “deep pockets” that minimize these risks. We are an affiliate of a family office with deep financial resources that focuses significant investment efforts on debt financing serving lower middle-market companies, real estate projects, and high net worth individuals through its Downtown Capital Partners (DCP) subsidiary. This also provides Plus Funding the ability to provide your firm with diverse and cheaper financing solutions as you grow. See DCP’s website for more information about DCP and the transactions it has undertaken (over $300 million, since 2010).