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Our Process

At Plus Funding, we provide receivables financing to growing businesses who sell to other creditworthy businesses. Instead of waiting for payment, leverage our credit facility to factor your receivables into instant working capital. Upon receiving your approval request, we process it quickly through our credit underwriting process and can provide with you funds promptly.

Plus Funding is committed to providing unparalleled service and access to capital, nationwide. The following timeline is designed to help you envision how the credit facility will function.


The initial set-up process should take 3-5 days assuming you have proper documentation.

  • Fill out our Application Form
  • A Plus Funding Account Executive will contact you to introduce himself and discuss your specific situation
  • Plus Funding will issue a proposal based on initial discussions and will request for supporting documentation that might include financials, A/R aging reports, etc.
  • Plus Funding promptly reviews documents and does credit work on your account debtors
  • After satisfactory due diligence, Plus Funding issues a contract for the credit facility to you.
  • Working in tandem with you, Plus Funding will on-board the client relationships you want to add to the facility.
  • You are now ready to fund these customer invoices.


Once you have been approved and set-up on our system, funding invoices is easy as 1-2-3.

  • Submit the invoices you want to fund through our online system.
  • Plus Funding verifies the invoices
  • Plus Funding remits you the cash within 24-48 hours

That’s it! If it sounds simple, it’s because it is. And at all times, online and instantly updated cashflow reporting tools are available to you to help you manage your customer base, without worrying about the logistics of collections.

There are no restrictive requirements; We do not require you to factor all your invoices with us nor do we charge hidden fees. After invoice submittal and verification, you can review account information anytime and initiate funds withdrawal at your discretion. Use funds to continue to grow your business.