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Best Practices for Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring 101

Accounts receivable issues can be difficult for many companies to bear, especially smaller firms and startups.  In these trying financial times, chasing invoices can quickly become the full-time job for many business owners. When times are tough, payments can dry up, leaving your company without the vital lifeblood it needs to grow and thrive. Invoice …

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Get Cracking on 2013: Factoring Possibilities with an Existing Lien Holder in Place

As the New Year kicks off, small business owners that are pulling out of a tough 2012 become re-energized to make 2013 their best year ever. Is this you? Are you planning for growth and starting with optimism? Among your alternative scenarios for 2013 — staying steady, growing moderately, or aggressively building out the business …

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3 Rules to Successfully Applying For Accounts Receivables Financing

Some things are just fine when done quick and dirty. You could count among them: Weekday breakfasts, meeting recaps and the greetings on a postcard sent from vacation. But if your business is searching for financing, this is not a process that can be given the quick and dirty. The array of firms that offer …

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6 Maxims To Guide Customer Service For Invoice Financing

Companies give lip service to providing better customer service, but more often than not, it’s hollow. Frequently, once a business sets you up in their system, what you get diverges widely from what you are promised. Even if you’ve read the fine print and confirmed the process beforehand, when problems arise someone in a call …

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