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How to Identify a Business Partner

Who Uses Factoring Companies To Rest Assured They Will Get Paid?

Tossing and turning at night won’t help your small business get paid, and neither will multiple conversations that rehash the same thread, ”When are we going to see payment?” This is particularly true if you are not the heavyweight contender in your industry. So while your C-suite executive tries to wrangle a new deal and …

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3 Rules to Successfully Applying For Accounts Receivables Financing

Some things are just fine when done quick and dirty. You could count among them: Weekday breakfasts, meeting recaps and the greetings on a postcard sent from vacation. But if your business is searching for financing, this is not a process that can be given the quick and dirty. The array of firms that offer …

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Dare To Disagree Becomes The Watchword For Small Businesses

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be strategic weaklings. Translation: Openness when you sit around the conference table is not sufficient to build an enduring company. Your team must deeply disagree and be willing to engage in heated discussion in order to thrive. And in many cases, you have to resist the natural …

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