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Your Growth Should Not be Constrained by Lack of Funding

A customer approaches you about placing a big purchase order. It’s the break you’ve been waiting for; but, it creates a major dilemma because the customer pays 30 days after the delivery of the product. It will be a while before you actually receive payment, yet you need the money now to pay for supplies, manufacturing and even freight. alternative business funding tips from plus funding groupThis problem is very common in start-up businesses and many fail to capitalize on opportunities due to a lack of capital. Never turn a customer or a purchase order away due to lack of financing.

Plus Funding Group offers an option that could help fund these large purchase orders. We provide purchase order financing in conjunction with our receivables funding program. By leveraging our financing programs, you can fund your production costs and fulfill your POs. Depending on your margins, you might even be eligible to fund up to 100% of the costs associated with these POs.

Purchase Order Financing Gives Your Business the Boost it Needs

Purchase order financing allows you to produce the goods required to fulfill a purchase order without worrying about the initial capital outlay. When a customer supplies you with a PO and you have identified the suppliers along with their costs, Plus Funding can step in and help fund these costs. Once the goods have been delivered, you can invoice them as you normally would. Plus Funding will help manage this invoice and will collect the remittance. Once the payment is received, Plus Funding will deduct their fee and remit the profits to you! With this funding ability, companies can focus on obtaining orders and leave the funding worries to Plus Funding.

The Simple Process of Purchase Order Financing 

Here’s how the purchase order funding process works:

1. Your customer places an order and sends you a purchase order.

2. Plus Funding Group pays your supplier so you have the products you need to fill the order.

3. Your supplier delivers everything you need to fill the order.

4. Once your customer accepts delivery of your product, you will invoice them; the customer will then remit payment to Plus Funding Group.

5. We collect a fee and send your profit right back to you.

Funding with Plus Funding Group enables you to focus on what matters most to you – your business.

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